Motherhood in 2020, God Still Sees Us

Life is hard. Motherhood is hard. Change is hard. 2020 is HARD.

But don't lose heart, don't lose focus, and don't give up just because things are hard. Please don't read this thinking that I always have the right mindset. I'm writing this to myself first and foremost.

This year has been especially taxing on people's mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. It's easy to get complacent and take our eyes off the Lord. We give excuses for not being the Church, for not taking our kids to church, for not living in community, for not loving our neighbor. But don't lose heart. Don't stop pursuing the Lord and leading your children to Him. 

When we feel like we are failing, He sees us. He sees us getting up early to set our minds on Him only to have our time 'interrupted' by an early riser. He sees us when we are reading our children Bible stories while they are bouncing off the walls. He sees us hauling them ALL in big church because childcare is still closed. He sees us watching our sermon live streamed and trying to focus while our house is being destroyed. He sees us praying with our children and teaching them to pray. He sees us when we are overwhelmed and crying out. He sees us. He sees our hearts. Our pursuit of Him may look messy and struggling to us, but He sees us and He is using these moments to make us more like Him. 

He sees us. And our children see us. They see what's important when they wake up and see you praying, studying His word when its still dark outside (does mom ever sleep!?!). They see us making their discipleship a priority. They see us making church a priority. They see us praying. Pursuing. 

Don't lose heart and don't take your eyes off of Him. 

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